Science assignment. I need to know what are the properties to a ultraviolet wave?

I’m looking for 3 things.

1. What would it look like IF we could see it?? Would it be a bright violet?

2.What does it look like to a normal eye?

3.Can you get eye surgery to remove the lens and put an artificial lens in soyou can see ultraviolet light?
And why does ULTRAVIOLET harm your skin(it has a lower wavelength)

but INFRARED doesnt?(higher wavelength)
but then what about bug zappers arent they ULTRAVIOLET?

A photon of ultraviolet (UV) light possesses enough energy to mutate a strand of human DNA. What is the energy of a single UV photon having a wavelength of 29 nm?

What is the energy of a mole of UV photons having a wavelength of 29 nm?

An ultraviolet light beam having a wavelength of 130nm is incident on a molybdenum surface with work funtion of 4.2eV. What is the stopping potential?

UV bulbs for reptiles are kinda expensive…if I use a grow light, will my red eared slider still get the right level of UV he needs? The bulb is a 50w Sylvania Spot-Gro bulb but the package doesn’t say anything about the kind of UV it gives off. Thank you.

Do they make regular UV light bulbs that I can put in the lamps in my room so when I chill in my room I’ll actually be tanning? lol. I know they make them in long tubes, could I take out my black light light and put the UV tube light in place of that?

The compound eyes of bees and other insects are highly sensitive to light in the ultraviolet portion of the spectrum, specifically light with wavelengths between 300.0 nm and 400.0 nm. To what frequencies do these wavelengths correspond? (Assume that the speed of light to be 3.00 108 m/s.)

Need help keep getting the wrong answer.

Emission lines of hydrogen that are found in the ultraviolet part of the electromagnetic spectrum are formed by electrons transitioning from

A) any level to level 2
B) any level to level 3
C) any level to level 1
D) level 2 to any level


If there were an object that reflected ultraviolet light (as opposed to red or green light), would it be invisible? Or what?

Is it colder regions have less intense levels of light and lighter skin colors. What would then be the relationship between UV intensity and skin pigmentation? Thanks and God bless.

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